Take A Spoon And Savour The Creamy Taste Of LACREM

Founded just over a year, Lacrem – Vegan specialities, is the first Quebec company to produce “ice creams” made with 100% plant milk. With over 130 outlets in groceries across Québec and featured on the menu of over fifteen restaurants, you can be sure that the unique flavour of these ice creams will dazzle your palate!

It was in June 2016 when things really got underway at Lacrem. Even though it was late in the season, entrepreneurs Véronik Lacombe and Éric Rémillard had begun to catch on the excitement being generated by their vegan ice creams.  By offering a quality product in a variety of flavours, Lacrem took over the previously unoccupied market share of lactose-free ice cream.

After investing valuable time and effort, the two partners attribute part of their success to those who supported them when they decided to quit everything and invest in their new project. The company has gone from 3 to 8 employees and now, buoyed by their recent success, will be moving to new premises in Mirabel in the next few weeks, to maximize production and continue their growth.

nouveau-logo-sv“We are extremely hardworking and we never compromise on quality” Véronik Lacombe, concerning Lacrem’s current success.

With increasing demand for its products, Lacrem chose the CAE Rive-Nord team to finance their orders and obtain liquidity for its working capital. Mrs. Lacombe and Mr. Rémillard believe that, without CAE’s capital assistance, their company may have not survived. They continue to stress the openness, speed and courtesy with which the team handled their project.

Source : Marie-Claude Lavoie, Assistant of Business Development / CAE Rive-Nord, 450 437-0999, poste 224, mclavoie@caebl.ca


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