Business Support

The CAE Rive-Nord and Futurpreneur Canada have a partnership agreement to support young entrepreneurs in the start-up phase of their business.

This program offers Futurpreneur-financing of up to $15,000, with the possibility of obtaining $30,000$45,000 more from the BDC.

The CAE Rive-Nord acts as intermediary to support new entrepreneurs in developing their business and financing plans, and helping them through the process of applying for financing from Futurpreneur Canada.

To Be Eligible

› Applicant must be between ages 18 and 39
› All shareholders/partners between ages 18 and 39 must register and join the program
› Must demonstrate viability with a complete business plan
› Company must have been active for 12 months
› Applicant must have experience or pertinent training
› Applicant must accept to work with a mentor for 2 years
› Applicant must create a full-time job for him/herself

Other Important Information

› Decision made and followed-up by Futurpreneur
› $100 fee upon filing application
› Futurpreneur requires fee of $50 when loan is accepted and $15 monthly administration fee

About Help From Futurpreneur

› Loan of up to $15,000 (reimbursable over 5 years)
› Preferential rate of + 3 %
› Moratorium on capital for first year
› Young entrepreneur must personally endorse the loan
› No penalty for early reimbursement

About Help From BDC

› Up to $30,000 financing
› Interest only is reimbursed in the first year
› Interest is based on BDC variable rates + 5 %
› Reimbursement to BDC of unpaid capital is made according to a monthly payment calendar, identical to that of Futurpreneur Canada. Unpaid capital can be reimbursed in advance, in totality or in part, provided accrued interest is paid to BDC plus a penalty equal to 3-months additional interest on capital repaid in advance
› Once a year (non cumulative) on loan-authorization anniversary date, you may reimburse 15% of unpaid capital without penalty
› BDC requires an appraisal fee of $50, drawn from loan disbursement
› Request for loans are subject to BDC approbation and admissibility criteria. Certain restrictions may apply
› Candidates must show they have invested a minimum of 10% of total value of the project

SMB Support Initiative

This initiative allows small and medium businesses to have access to 4 fields of expertise that play fundamental roles in the Quebec economy, helping businesses to ensure sustainability as well as increase productivity and profitability.
This expertise covers:


› Identify business needs in terms of innovation
› Establish a culture of innovation in the company
› Develop a sustainable innovation strategy

Succession and Business Transfer

› Identify successors and help them with the acquisition
› Help the transferors start transfer process
› Identify areas of need to offer help in transfer process

Sustainable Development

› Develop sustainable development plan
› Identify most effective technologies and processes
› Undertake pollution-reducing projects

Communication-Technology Integration

› Identify pertinent communication technologies
› Develop web marketing strategy
› Use social networks effectively
› Set up sustainable e-commerce website

Eligible Costs

The following costs are eligible if directly linked to one of the projects mentioned above:

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