Non-Destrutive Testing In Mirabel

Leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), Expertises UberSpec is a well-established company in the heart of the Lower Laurentians region, which has continued to grow over the years.

To the outsiders, non-destructive testing (NDT) consists of proceeding with meticulous inspections of components and materials in order to detect any defect, thus ensuring the structural integrity of the elements. To the automobile and aeronautics industry or to companies that produce industrial parts of any kind, the NDTs are often compulsory and regulated by government agencies such as Transport Canada. It is from this perspective that Expertises UberSpec has been recognized at the national level for its efficient and personalized service that provides rapid results and superior quality.

In order to pursue its growth initiatives, the founder and president of the company, Mr. Fulvio Mini, called on CAE Rive-Nord to enter into a financial agreement, which has allowed him to purchase and install a parts-cleaning line before inspection, as well as a wastewater treatment system.


Customized basins for cleaning parts, whose purchase was made possible by funding assistance from CAE Rive-Nord.




CAE Rive-Nord allowed Expertises UberSpec to pursue its growth initiatives by investing in its WORKING CAPITAL.

CAE Rive-Nord makes only one promise to contractors: that it will contribute in INCREASING THEIR bottom line!

Source : Marie-Claude Lavoie, Assistant of Business Development / CAE Rive-Nord, 450 437-0999, poste 224,


Mr. Mini especially appreciated the hospitality and the openness that CAE Rive-Nord has shown with regard to his new project. He even commended the team for its simplicity and speed in handling the project.

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