HYDRONOV : A pioneer in hydroponic

In operation for nearly 30 years, Hydronov Inc., a company located in Mirabel and founded by Luc Desrochers, became famous internationally with its deep-water hydroponic culture. With the one-of-a–kind invention of a technique on mobile floaters, the company has elicited, since the beginning of the eighties, a strong interest from business people worldwide.

logoWith a production of up to 18 crops annually, it is easy to see why Hydronov’s systems are sold and installed around the world. The company from Mirabel offers two (2) services: the creation of an engineering plan used in the manufacturing of hydroponic greenhouses, or a turnkey service, i.e., from engineering to the complete manufacturing of the greenhouse. But the know-how of this company does not stop here.

Indeed, for the past few years, Hydronov has become established on the Chinese aquaponics market. With a potential of some billions of consumers, Mr. Desrochers has seized the opportunity to take his company further.

Aquaponics is a type of integrated aquaculture, that combines the cultivation of plants in “symbiosis” with the rearing of fish.

“The value of vegetables in China is ridiculously low. However, the price paid for fish was high. We developed two (2) separate systems, connected by a biodigester, which feeds plants from fish waste.” – Luc Desrochers


With the increase in the global demand for fish and fresh vegetables in any season, Mr. Desrochers has chosen the CAE Rive-Nord team to finance his orders, thus enabling him to pursue a project involving the installation of a greenhouse in the United States. Mr. Desrochers commended the CAE team for its flexibility and understanding of his projects.

Above, a project carried out in 2016, in the United States.

Source : Marie-Claude Lavoie, Assistant of Business Development / CAE Rive-Nord, 450 437-0999, poste 224, mclavoie@caebl.ca


Luc Desrochers, Founding President of Hydronov, is a true enthusiast of hydroponic culture, as evidenced by the expertise he has developed over time.

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