Gaumond Medical Group: «Our Own Cirque du Soleil»

Gaumond Medical Group has shaken up the health-care community with its innovative hyperbaric chamber that is portable, reasonably priced, user-friendly and meets regulatory standards in Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

A product whose main market used to be the military is now extending to mainstream clinical uses, such as for burns, diabetic sores and scuba diving accidents. The current cost and cumbersome weight of traditional hyperbaric chambers hinder the growth of this market (estimated at 1 billion dollars), making it difficult to meet existing needs.

Claude Gaumond founded Gaumond Medical Group in 2003. His idea of designing a hyperbaric chamber was born from a personal desire to improve his performance as an elite cross-country skier. But innovation did not stop at one single product. It is Gaumond Medical Group’s mission to develop, manufacture and sell products for hypoxic and hyperbaric treatments in order to prevent, assist and save wounded people, improve an individual’s health and quality of life, as well as improve the performance of endurance athletes and teams.

Just as the Cirque du Soleil turned the acrobatic world on its ear, we expect Gaumond Medical Group and its president, Mr. Claude Gaumond’ to revolutionize the world of medical equipment. The CAE Rive-Nord is proud to finance their purchase orders, and to thereby support and acknowledge of one of the region’s shining stars!

The Independent Review Committee recently approved a research protocol to validate the safety and performance of the HematoCare device. Many studies have been done on the therapeutic effectiveness of hyperbaric treatment, however the objective of this research project is to validate the various performance aspects of the treatment, such as reliability, quantifiable clinical results and functionality. Once the study is complete, the results will allow us to showcase Gaumond Medical Group’s product. According to certain leaders of opinion in the United States, this innovative device is already positioned for greatness.



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