EFS Solution Santé : Versatile Technology for Health Services

Raymond Loyer is an entrepreneur at heart, and living proof that it is possible to launch a business and succeed regardless of one’s field of expertise. Before coming to health services, he was owner and CEO of businesses in the automobile industry, photograph processing and distribution, and digital catalogue solutions.

Mr. Loyer has advocated for paperless work environments throughout his career. He realized there was an opportunity to help health care professionals by eliminating the profusion of cumbersome filing cabinets.

EFS Solution Santé has developed software called ClinicielMD, an electronic health file (EHF) system that is both modular and versatile, allowing health care professionals to be more efficient by centralizing all their information, from giving appointments to billing. ClinicielMD provides a personalized, user-friendly solution for those working in pharmaceuticals, nursing, foot-care, vaccination, samples and more, allowing day-to day operations to be more efficient and more effective. Even though the software is fully developed and on the market, Mr. Loyer and his team continue to develop new versions in order to offer the very best in new technology.

« CAE Rive-Nord has been INVALUABLE! I have always felt completely supported in my ambition and was able to accomplish my business project.  Their short-term financial solutions gave me the cash flow needed to grow. In fact, we were able to launch the marketing phase of Cliniciel thanks to this financial support. CAE Rive-Nord financed our tax credits in research and development, which gave us the opportunity to innovate and improve different aspects of the software. Thanks to their program, we also benefit from a wage subsidy for one of our programmers. »

«CAE Rive-Nord makes only one promise to entrepreneurs: 

To help increase their sales! »

CAE Rive-Nord financed SR & ED tax credits so that EFS Solutions Santé could go to market and strengthen sales while freeing up its cash flow.

Through Economic Development Canada programs, CAE Rive-Nord could provide us with a software-programming intern who developed Cliniciel’s online appointment-making tool.


Main team members: Raymond Loyer (CEO), Alexandre Boucher (programmer), Nicole Davidson (administrative assistant),  Martin Bouffard (Associate, V-P Technology)

Absent from photo: Frédéric Beaulieu (programmer), Nicolas Lemire (programmer), Julie Rousseau (programmer), Jean-François Bérubé (pharmaceutical development)

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CAE Rive-Nord makes one promise to entrepreneurs: to help increase their revenues!