Biomomentum: A Mark in Medical Revolution

Biomomentum has enjoyed remarkable growth since its inception in 2009, specializing in manufacturing solutions for the biomechanical evaluation of tissue, biomaterials and cartilage.

The two entrepreneurs at its helm – Martin Garon and Eric Quenneville –joined their common passion and know-how to springboard their business to new heights of success.

Entrepreneurs at heart, they decided to buy back the patents derived from their doctoral studies in biomedical engineering. Since then their focus has been on innovation and the conquest of new markets, attracting international interest for their proprietary medical technologies. Their main customers are universities and centers for research. They also offer in-lab mechanical bio-sample testing services to research centers and pharmaceutical companies.

They have used their ingenuity to develop devices that offer precise diagnoses, such as Arthro-BST: a medical device that allows early detection of cartilage deterioration.

They have also developed the Mach-1, a precise, multiple-axis testing system.

logoThe success of Biomomentum lies in its continuing quest for new ways to counter various pathologies, notably arthrosis. The company is supported by a strong, creative team that continues to grow – in fact last year four new jobs were created at Biomomentum.

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From left to right : Eric Quenneville and Martin Garon.

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